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Protects Your System From Data Loss

PC Backup – Protects Your System From Data Loss!

With the growing inclination of people towards the internet, cyber bugs have got an open chance to masticate all stored data as well as the processing speed of computer systems. Constant uploads, downloads, and file sharing intend to make way for the harmful virus, malware, or Trojan horse. Here arises the need for a competent AV Discovery software program that can protect the system from data thrash. Keeping in view this requirement of computer users, PC Backup has been designed to save protect vital data from virus attacks. Now, you can easily select your backup files automatically by installing Select Guard’s PC Backup program. 

 Prime Features 

The reason behind the recognition of PC Backup is mentioned as follows through its exclusive features:

  • PC Backup includes a user-friendly interface
  • The program works effectively and requires low system resources
  • It provides the users with whole system backup along with personal file backup as per requirements
  • The program even backups complete folders as well as single files
  • PC Backup can read and write from USB sticks, data SD cards, external drives and like
  • PC Backup program schedules the backups within minutes, hours or days as well
  • It indeed launches series with windows quite routinely
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You can purchase PC Backup from any local merchant or just download it from the official website of Select Guard’s PC Backup. It’s better to purchase this program from the website of Amazon or any other online store dealing in software marketing. The total weight of the program is 8.8 ounces. Windows specifications essential for this program comprise 64 MB of RAM, 800X600 monitor, 8X CD-ROM drive, 10 MB free Hard Disk space, and Pentium III 700 MHz or faster processor for both Windows Vista as well as XP.

Benefits of using Select Guard’s PC Backup

By using PC Backup you can save your important data automatically without any loss. This program doesn’t hamper the speed and interface of your system. It can save stored files and attached folders from harmful attacks of malware. PC Backup provides the desired backup to all your necessary data and saves you from vicious loss. It is quite easy for users to get a backup report regularly in

With the assistance of Select Guard’s PC Backup, you can also check whether a file and folder are secure or fully backed up at the desired location or not. This program produces a detailed storage report after every scan and makes the user’s tension free from the virus attack. 


On average, Select Guard’s PC Backup has everything that anyone wishes for a backup program to possess. The product is completely loaded with all required features and this has made it one of the well-liked user-friendly backup programs. If you are willing to invest your valuable cash in favor of the most flawless backup program, then it’s recommended to go for Select Guard’s PC Backup- protects your system from data loss.

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