Well we really slept on this one, (sorry Marianne) we had been meaning to get this up ages ago, but thing fell behind and it got lost in a pile (again sorry Marianne).

Unfortunately as things come and go, The Dirty Hearts Club had it’s last night and Steven Milne is now moving onto other things such as Loosen Up and probably smashing holes in walls. Earl on the Green, (DHC Zine sponsor) has also closed it’s doors, but we hopefully be back soon in the Belmont Cinema.

Words by Marianne Wilson

The first DHC Zine was published in June 2011, the zine is aimed to promote Dirty Hearts Club and Snafu as being a place that is in touch with creativity and innovation. Snafu and in particular Dirty Hearts Club has an eclectic music policy, we want to help promote this through the publication of a zine. Through publishing the zine Snafu and our sponsors Earl of Sandwich and Everything Else Sucks are supporting and helping to promote local artists. The more sponsors and work submitted the more copies we can make and therefore the more widespread recognition the people involved will get.

They  are looking for as many artists, graphic designers, writers and illustrators to get in touch and submit work so get in touch if you want to be involved and look out for Issue 2 coming soon…

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